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This is a pure JavaScript implementation of a bomberman-like game. There's an online instance.


This is mainly to get some CSS files and images, you'll only need the wget command, then:



This is only to type-check the JS files. You need to have the flow command available, then:



Do something like this, it should work if you use a decent operating system:

xdg-open src/index.html


To install it on your own server, assuming you're using Apache, just edit the first lines in the bomberman.conf file - you'll need to generate a certificate, which I'm not going to cover here. Then, just edit the domain in scripts/ and run:


Change Log


License and credits

For the CSS, I used Bootstrap, NES.css and the Press Start 2P font. To generate the favicon stuff, I used RealFaviconGenerator. Most of the images are those that are used in html5-bombergirl. I also used a bomb image from pixabay, a JS logo from logo.js and a star image from SVG Silh. The music is from DL Sounds.

All the other files are original content and published under the ISC license, see LICENSE.