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(type $t1 (array (mut i32)))
(type $t2 (array (mut i31ref)))
(type $tpair (struct
(field $left (ref $t1))
(field $right (ref $t2))))
(func $f
(local $array1 (ref $t1))
(local $array2 (ref $t2))
(local $pair (ref $tpair)) (local $x i32)
( $t1 (i32.const 0) (i32.const 3))
(local.set $array1)
(array.set $t1 (local.get $array1)
(i32.const 0) (i32.const 1))
(array.set $t1 (local.get $array1)
(i32.const 1) (i32.const 2))
(array.set $t1 (local.get $array1)
(i32.const 2) (i32.const 3))
( $t2 ( (i32.const 0)) (i32.const 3))
(local.set $array2)
(array.set $t2 (local.get $array2) (i32.const 0)
( (i32.const 42)))
(array.set $t2 (local.get $array2) (i32.const 1)
( (i32.const 99)))
(array.set $t2 (local.get $array2) (i32.const 2)
( (i32.const 666)))
( $tpair
(local.get $array1) (local.get $array2))
(local.set $pair)
(i32.const 42)
(local.set $x))
(start $f))