A command line tool written in OCaml to quickly open file depending on their extension
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image: debian/unstable
- opam
- ocaml
- curl
- https://git.zapashcanon.fr/zapashcanon/so
name: so
deploy: fs@zapashcanon.fr
sshopts: "-o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -q"
coverage_dst: /var/www/coverage.zapashcanon.fr
doc_dst: /var/www/doc.zapashcanon.fr
archive_dst: /var/www/fs.zapashcanon.fr/archive
- ec1f49cd-38dc-41d9-89f4-c3b6ecd7bcad # ssh deploy key
- b5b0e36c-fe52-43c4-9103-0aa918ad175c # github token
- c9e55d80-7b6a-4ad4-81bd-921d2c3247b8 # dune release profile
- ff8575b8-7192-4e0c-9905-6d04142a4ec1 # git config
- setup: |
opam init -y
opam update -y
opam install -y dune bisect_ppx odoc ocamlformat ocaml-xdg-basedir
- lint-format: |
cd $name
eval "$(opam env)"
ocamlformat -p ocamlformat --enable-outside-detected-project --check $(find . -name '*.ml')
- build: |
cd $name
eval "$(opam env)"
dune build @all
- test: |
cd $name
eval "$(opam env)"
dune runtest
- deploy-doc: |
cd $name
eval "$(opam env)"
dune build @doc
ssh $sshopts $deploy "mkdir -p $doc_dst/$name/"
scp $sshopts -r _build/default/_doc/_html/* $deploy:$doc_dst/$name/
- deploy-coverage: |
cd $name
eval "$(opam env)"
dune clean
BISECT_ENABLE=YES dune runtest --no-buffer --force > /dev/null
bisect-ppx-report -html _coverage/ "$(find . -name 'bisect*.out')"
ssh $sshopts $deploy "mkdir -p $coverage_dst/$name/"
scp $sshopts -r _coverage/* $deploy:$coverage_dst/$name/
- archive: |
cd $name
eval "$(opam env)"
dune clean
git archive -o $archive_name HEAD
ssh $sshopts $deploy "mkdir -p $archive_dst/$name/"
scp $sshopts $archive_name $deploy:$archive_dst/$name/
rm $archive_name
- release: |
cd $name
eval "$(opam env)"
git describe --exact-match || exit 0
opam install -y dune-release
tag=$(git describe --exact-match)
dune-release distrib || true
ls _build/${archive_name}
scp $sshopts _build/${archive_name} $deploy:$archive_dst/$name/
echo $url > _build/${name}-${tag}.url
dune-release opam pkg
line_num="$(grep -n -e 'src:' $opam_file | cut -d: -f1)"
sed -i -e "${line_num}s|^.*| src: \"${url}\"|" $opam_file
line_num=$(($line_num + 1))
sed -i -e "${line_num}d" $opam_file
sed -i -e "${line_num}d" $opam_file
cd ..
echo -e "Host github.com\n\tStrictHostKeyChecking no\n" >> ~/.ssh/config
git clone https://github.com/Cameleo/opam-repository.git
cd $name
dune-release opam submit --no-auto-open -y