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Title = "zapashcanon"
Pages = [
("", "Home");
("", "Contact");
("", "Bookshelf");
("", "History")
("", "Host")
("", "Movies")
("", "Publication");
("", "Software")
("", "Écouter");
("", "Transmission")
("", "Visual Arts")
("", "Dialogues")
("", "L'infini")
(* Custom exporters for pages.
An exporter is a program that takes a page filename as
input, and outputs on stdout the corresponding html,
that will be inserted in the body of the template.
Exports holds a list of couples : the first element is
the extension of the files that should use the
exporter, the second element is the exporter's command
itself. The pattern %{file}% will be replaced by the
filename of the page.
You can override the built-in exporter for extensions
".md" and ".markdown".
The first exporter embeds html elements into the page,
the second uses mlorg to read and convert .org pages.
Exports = [
(".embed.html", "cat %{file}%");
(".org", "mlorg --set exporters.html.wrap=false --output - --backend html %{file}%")
Exports = [
(".md.raw", "omd %{file}%")
(".md", "cat data/begin.html ; omd %{file}% ; cat data/end.html")
(".md.dist", "cat data/begin.html ; curl -s $(cat %{file}%) | omd ; cat data/end.html")
(* A list of couples that specify for a given document
the template to use. A template file must be placed
in the data/ directory.
Two templates are provided by default: template.html,
the default template, and org-template.html for
org-mode documents generated by mlorg using the
corresponding exporter.
For example, to use the org-template.html for page, use :
PagesTemplates = [ ("", "org-template.html") ]
What documents to match for a given entry is specified
using a filename, or a regular expression. For example,
to match all the .org files and made them use the
org-mode template:
PagesTemplates = [ (".*\.org$", "org-template.html") ]
(* The default template to use for pages that don't have an entry in PagesTemplates *)
DefaultTemplate = "template.html"
(* Permissions of the files & directories generated in site/ *)
DirPerm = 493 (* 0o755 *)
FilePerm = 420 (* 0o644 *)